Our Values

Continuous Improvement

STG focuses on the future by putting the understanding of continuous improvement at the center of all engineering activities. Our basic approach, including R&D activities, is to “capture the time and build the future.” Our understanding of continuous improvement is seen as the source of STG’s dynamism.

Service to Turkey: The reason for STG’s existence is the right contribution to the functioning and strengthening of Turkey through its field of activity. The principles of all our design, production, verification and development activities are aimed at serving the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation.

Real Solidarity: STG sees all of its employees, customers and the elements with which it shares the same ecosystem as stakeholders that need to “progress together” at every stage of its activities. It aims at the development, growth and qualification of its employees, customers and other stakeholders with a solidarity approach.

Our Competencies

We believe in the power of solidarity and togetherness in every situation. We protect, encourage and appreciate each other’s rights. We share knowledge and experience, respect differences and create synergy with it.

Result oriented
We are constantly learning. We take responsibility for our personal development. We know the importance of feedback on the development path. We develop our potential with challenging targets and achieve results.

Self Improvement, Being Open to Change and Innovation
We question routine, generate new ideas, support creative solutions. We are not afraid of making mistakes, we see them as an opportunity to learn. We grow with different ideas and reflect the innovative approaches in the world to our work.

Quality and Customer Focus

We work in accordance with processes and look for ways to improve them. We use our resources efficiently and meet the expectations of our stakeholders in the best way possible. We take care that our work is traceable and repeatable.

We value open and transparent communication. We do our resource planning and focus on the target. We keep our promises and deliver the works on time.