We attach great importance to the personal characteristics of our friends who join the STG family, as much as the technical and behavioral competencies required by the position. In this sense, in our recruitment, we take care to ensure that people with the necessary competencies and technical knowledge as well as those who have the characteristics suitable for the job and company culture are selected within the framework of our principle of equal opportunity.

In our recruitment process, where we prioritize the candidate experience, we use various tools such as different needs-oriented inventories, competency-based interviews, foreign language tests, and case study presentation applications. If you want to be a member of STG, click here for the job application form.

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Internship at STG

We offer new generations the opportunity to get to know business life with our horizon-opening internship program. In this context, we cooperate with our universities to recruit young talents that are dynamic and agile, shaping the innovations and technologies of the future, and open to development and change, by adhering to our company vision, mission and values. We would like to see all young talents among us who see the internship experience not only as a career step but also as a part of their individual development.
Internship Application Conditions

  • Internship applications will be received on our website between 01 February – 31 March.
  • Students who do not have a compulsory internship requirement in the legislation of the higher education institution where they study are not accepted for internship.
  • In the selection of undergraduate students to be recruited for internship, the candidate must be a 3rd or 4th year student on the application date, and the candidate must be a 2nd year student in the selection of Associate Degree students at the application date.
  • The intern candidate should preferably have a grade point average of at least 3/4 or 75/100.
  • The applicant must not have done an internship at STG before.

Internship Application Requirements
During the application, you must send the following documents to ik@stgm.com.tr in full. Otherwise, your application will be considered invalid.

  • Internship Application Form
  • Photocopy of identity card and passport photo
  • Certified transcript (Transcript). Applications made with unofficial transcripts will be considered invalid.
  • A certified letter from the school stating that the internship is compulsory. Applications made with unapproved documents will be deemed invalid.

Internship Application Results Announcement Date
You can learn the application results in April.

Click here to access the application conditions and internship application form.

Candidate Employee Program

e believe that the “Candidate Employee Program”, in which 4th grade students who had a successful internship period at STG while continuing their undergraduate program, continued to work with us part-time for at least 6 months and gained experience as a result of the evaluations, offers brand new opportunities for young talents.

Candidate Employee Program Criteria

  • Candidates are entitled to become “Candidate Employees” after successfully completing their internship at STG and receiving positive results from the evaluations at the end of the internship. Another criterion for being a Candidate Employee is:
  • Being a 4th year student of undergraduate programs,
  • To have an academic grade point average of 3.00 and above.