STG Engineering

STG Engineering Strategic Technologies Technologies Inc. is a technology engineering company that can be develop products for strategic sectors which require to operate under difficult environmental conditions, and to be used in the field of production for R&D activities and development in production.

Mining, Oil/Gas, Oil/Gas, Oil/Gas, Agriculture, Construction, Field Service Services, Map, Land Registry/Kada, Public Security such as Nature Sports, Urban Security Systems, Security Systems and Fire Detection at Industrial Border, Search and Highway Electronics It also provides services such as Inspection Systems (EDS Railway), Data Collection and Inspection, and Supply Collection and Inspection Transportation & Logistics, are the main sectors where STG Engineering products are used.


Developing products and putting forward projects that will make “Turkish Engineering” a brand in accordance with international standards in engineering activities. To become a globally recognized and trusted company with quality, original designs and solutions.


To minimize Turkey’s foreign dependency on domestic/national designs and products, by having full knowledge of today’s technology and knowledge with continuous R&D studies. To provide its customers with high value-added, cost-effective, quality, reliable products and solutions that will fully meet their needs.