Protection of personal data is among the most important priorities of STG Mühendislik Strategic Technologies Development and Production Inc. (“Company”), and maximum effort is made to comply with all applicable legislation in this regard.

With this Cookie Policy (“Policy”), the technical and administrative protection of personal data processed by our Company, and their destruction in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) and other legal regulations in case the conditions for processing personal data are no longer ensured.


This Cookie Policy (“Policy”), Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK” or “Law”) and the Deletion, Destruction of Personal Data that came into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 28 October 2017, which constitutes the secondary regulation of the Law or Anonymization Regulation (“Regulation”) in order to fulfill our obligations and to inform data owners about the deletion, destruction and anonymization processes, by STG Mühendislik Perakende Teknolojiler Geliştirme ve Üretim A.Ş.


This policy covers the services provided within the company. Policy provisions cover all information systems and footer information, contracts, environmental and physical areas, and systems and regulations produced for all these, which are included in the processing of personal data in the company’s fields of activity and work areas. This policy covers all departments and directorates of the company, employees of companies providing all kinds of services, trainees and contracted personnel. Any action that violates the KVKK or this policy is evaluated within the scope of the relevant legislation and sanctions are applied accordingly.

The company’s solution partners, public institutions and all third parties that have access to or may have access to personal data, and all third parties working with the company are invited to read and comply with this policy. Third parties should ensure the protection of personal data with a system that is at least as strong as the company and has adequate standards on the protection of personal data.

The HR and IT Department is responsible for the content and control of this policy, and all departments within the company are responsible for its implementation.


As STG Engineering Strategic Technologies Development and Production Inc., we work to protect the privacy of the people who use our site in order to ensure that our users can benefit from our services in a safe and complete manner. In this context, this Cookie Policy has been created by our company in order to ensure your rights and privacy.

The Cookie Policy is valid for the websites and mobile applications, third party programs or platforms that are accessed and used through websites run by STG Mühendislik Strategic Technologies Development and Production Inc.

By using the website as a visitor, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not approve of the use of cookies, we request that you do not continue to the website or change your cookie preferences as shown in this Policy. We would like to remind you that some features of the website may lose their functionality if cookies are not allowed.

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the “Personal Data Protection Policy”. We recommend that you review the Personal Data Protection Policy and other KVKK texts available at https://www.stgm.com.tr/ for more detailed information on the processing of your personal data by STG Engineering Strategic Technologies Development and Production Inc.


A cookie is the name given to the small data files that website visitors leave on their computers or mobile devices. Cookies are widely used in the virtual world and web browsers are automatically defined as pre-acceptance, so the language, settings, etc. of your device related to your visit. It helps to remember information. By reading these data files that users create when they first connect, Internet sites have the opportunity to work more efficiently and to load user settings such as site language quickly.


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• To be able to promote products and services for your interest,

• To be able to promote our engineering activities,

• To be able to fulfill legal and contractual obligations, especially those arising from the Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts, and the Regulation on Procedures and Principles Concerning the Regulation of Broadcasts Made on the Internet.


Our company does not store the confidential information of its users through cookies. Cookies only contain information about your visit history and do not access files stored on your computer or mobile device. Our company; reserves the right to make changes in this Cookie Policy without notifying its users or website visitors.


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